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Packing / Carton Packer / SFA-5437


Carton Packer     SFA-5437
Cage Cart Orienting Machine

The products contained in bottles and cans requiring high temperature
   sterilized by sterilizing retort, are stacked in a stainless steel cage cart layer
   by layer.Then the products are loaded in a sterilizing retort for high
   temperature sterilization. The neat arrangement feature greatly increases
   productivity while reducing energy consumption.

Once the products in the cage cart are high temperature sterilized, they will
   be fed out layer by layer. The stainless steel plates between cans are moved
   out automatically and stacked for upgrading productivity and efficiency.

The machine combines two machines in one, allowing for simultaneous can
   in-feed and out-feed. The machine operation is computer controlled to reduce
   labor requirement while upgrading efficiency.

Applicable products: Bottles and cans requiring high temperature
   sterilization, such as tin-plate cans, plastic bottle and glass bottles.

The entire machine structure is welded by stainless steel plates to suit
   moisture environment. Low voltage DC 24V control circuit avoids the danger
   of electric shock.

Technological Processes
   Products are placed in order based on size pushing to the cage cart for the
   pile up. Each tray is placed by a pallet for cans separation. Cage cart with
   products piling up in order is push to sterilizer for high temperature handling
   After the sterilization, products are depalletized layer by layer for next
   packing procedure.




Power Source

220V-440V / 50HZ-60HZ

Power Capacity

6 KW

Air Pressurre

5-6.0 kg/cm2

Air Flow Consumption


Machine Dimensions

L8770mm X W5445mm X H2376mm

Machine Weight


Processing Capacity

500-600 cartons /min

Operation Control

English screen display system

Suitable Processing Package

Plastic Plate, Wooden Plate and Paper Pallet